Retro3 - Episode 79,September 2016

September 29, 2016


Welcome back to the internet's most over-rated under-rated podcast....Retro Retro Retro!

This time around the Retro3 crew discuss a concept Raven thought up. Something about his Raven and his co-hosts liking stuff when they were young....that made them who they are now.....or something? It's weird, so check it out!

Retro3 - Ep.78/August 2016

September 6, 2016


Welcome back to the internet's monthly flashback machine...Retro Retro Retro!
This month is a little mixed up. Raven J and Kid Frankenstein open the show and Raven talks about his experience at this years Flashback Weekend(horror convention in Chicago).
The second segment Raven interviews Mario and RJ of the Getting Back to Gotham Podcast.
-Find it here:

And then the last segment is live from Flashback with fellow artist John Hoban.
-Check out his art here:

Movie and game reviews return next month...we promise!