Retro3 - Ep.82/February 2017

March 21, 2017


Welcome back to the the internet's most inconsistent podcast, Retro Retro Retro!

This time around join Raven J, Erock, Billy, and Billy's cousin Jeff as they attempt to do their best celebrity impressions!

No game review this month.

However for the movie review, the Retro3 crew review A Nightmare on Elm Street III....The Dream Warriors!


Inbetween the first and second portions of the show, there is a very special interview with B-Movie Legend George Stover!

Who is George Stover? 

Listen and find out!

Also if after hearing the interview, and would like to know more....he has a new documentary out now about his career!

You can get it here:


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See you all back here in a couple weeks with a very special interview with Writer/Director Richard W. Haines(Splatter University, Class of Nuke Em High, Space Avenger)