Retro3 - Ep.77/July 2016

July 31, 2016


Welcome back to the internet's best kept secret.....The Retro Retro Retro Podcast!

This month join Raven, Jon, Chris, and a returning Herman as they discuss heroes!

Arch Rivals(Arcade)
Pigskin 621 A.D.(Arcade)
General Chaos(Genesis)
After the game review there is a very special interview with artist and game creator...Brian Colin!
(recorded at Star Worlds Arcade in Dekalb IL)
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Retro3 - EP.76/June 2016: The Return of the Living Dead Show

July 3, 2016


Welcome back to the internet's most Retro podcast!
This month we dive DEEP into the Return of the Living Dead film series!
Join Raven, Ayla, Dr. Needlelove, Billy, and Kid Frankenstein as they welcome Dave and Hayley from the After We Take Out The Garbage Podcast to the show!
links to their show:
and other popular podcast sites!

and at the very end of the episode is an interview with actress Aimee Lynn Chadwick(ROTLD 4&5)
interview kicks in around 2:57:19(in case the interview is all you'd like to hear!)

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See you next month for a trip back to the not so distant past!

oh, and Raven J! will be a guest at Flashback Weekend in Chicago this August 5th through the 7th!
Come see him!